We are a team of nearly 48,000 mission-driven partners striving each day to advance healthcare and improve lives. We are Essential to careTM.

We are a crucial link between the clinical and operational sides of care, working with more than 4,500 sourcing and manufacturing partners to deliver end-to-end solutions and data-driven insights that advance healthcare and improve lives every day. With deep partnerships, diverse perspectives and innovative digital solutions, we build connections across the continuum of care.
At Cardinal Health EMEA, our mission is to be the most trusted partner for healthcare providers. Our team of 1,000 employees serve over 10,000 hospitals and healthcare facilities by delivering products and solutions that improve the lives of people every day. Our comprehensive product portfolio extends from the Cordis interventional cardiovascular devices to Medical Solutions which covers surgical gloves, patient care, deep vein thrombosis, nutritional insufficiency solutions, fluid management, wound drains, surgical consumables and more. Our offering also goes beyond the devices to provide value-based services such as hospital efficiency consultancy aiming to increase efficiencies and value. For more information on our products please go to our website in EMEA: cardinalhealth.co.uk or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
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